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The Kuwait D&I Summit aims to promote awareness, understanding, and dialogue around the topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity within work environments. It brings together professionals, experts, thought leaders, and individuals from diverse backgrounds to discuss challenges, share best practices, and explore innovative strategies to foster inclusive environments. Kuwait D&I Summit offers insights into some of the challenges and opportunities that come with building an inclusive culture that attracts a diverse workforce. Expert speakers and panellists shall focus upon the ways to incorporate the seamless acceptance of communities like; different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, and disabilities with differences in education, financial status, personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases. Kuwait Diversity and Inclusion Summit includes keynote, panel discussion and workshop sessions. It provides an opportunity for participants to learn new approaches and best practices to help elevate their organization’s talent development and diversity and inclusion practical strategies.


Who Should Attend?​

Why Attend?​

By attending this summit, you will:

Meet our headline speakers

Jamilah A. Al-Mutairi

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Dr. Reem Al-Shammari

Kuwait Oil Company

Ahmad Al-Rabeean

Petrochemical Industries Company

Fahed Alshammari


Helen McGuire

Saud Alrakhayes

The Behaviour Change

Réka Deák

The Josh Bersin Company

Farrah Qureshi

Global Diversity Practice

Dr. Jennifer Shepard

Saudi Aramco

Daniel Aherne

Neurodiversity Understood

Marilena di Coste

The Butterfly

Seema Nagrath-Menon

CALM Worldwide

Sabeeka Alshamlan

Warsha Consultancy and Development

Dr. Arezou Harraf

Learn & Evolve

Dr. George Chedid

American University of Kuwait

Maleha ALfoudari


Ghaya Barwani

ICF Oman Chapter

Eva Mattheeussen

DHL Global Forwarding

Steve Dering

Direct Access

Lutfur Ali


Zaid Al-Khateeb

Kuwait Gulf Oil Company

Sarah Jamal Abdullah

Petrochemical Industries Company

Bashayer Dashti

Kuwait Oil Company

Salman Al-Otaibi

Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Hamza Taqi

Knowledge Consulting Company


Fostering an Inclusive Culture for Organizational Excellence

  • Feb. 7th, 2024
  • 09:00 - 15:00
  • Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa
Creating an inclusive culture within an organization means embracing and valuing diversity by recognizing and utilizing the unique strengths of all team members, irrespective of their cultural, personal, or professional backgrounds. Such a culture not only fosters a strong sense of belonging and ensures that every member’s voice is heard but also drives increased innovation, creativity, and employee contentment. In turn, this leads to improved organizational performance and consistent, long-term growth. In an environment where inclusivity is a priority, there’s a celebration of workforce diversity, acknowledging each individual’s distinct abilities, viewpoints, and experiences, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs. Establishing a setting where every person feels included and heard can spark more creative solutions, innovations, and high job satisfaction levels. More than just boosting performance, this kind of culture is key to achieving enduring organizational growth. This session aims to provide practical steps for nurturing such an inclusive atmosphere. Developing a diverse, inclusive, and belonging-focused workforce and workplace means appreciating different opinions, cultural experiences, skill sets, and behaviors. This workshop will guide you through the critical aspects and nuances of diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB), offering insights and practical tools to apply these principles effectively in your organisation. Interactive activities in the workshop will challenge participants to reflect on their own perspectives and become open to others’ thoughts. With a focus on personal and organisational development, this workshop provides opportunities to enhance self-awareness and cultivate cultural empathy. Utilizing real-world case studies, it promotes discussions and acknowledges the diverse DIB journey participants might be on. This workshop will explore how to integrate DIB smoothly within the organization and understand managing organizational change by implementing DIB practices to attract, develop, keep, and optimize organizational talent.

Objectives: In this highly practical workshop delegates will:

  • Acknowledge the significance of diversity in organizations and explore top strategies for achieving it.
  • Learn how integrating diversity, inclusion, and belonging into an organization's core significantly impacts success.
  • Develop methods to foster a more diverse, inclusive, and belonging-centric workplace.
  • Learn to lead inclusively, creating an environment that values different perspectives, ensuring everyone feels recognized and appreciated.
  • Discover strategies to boost employee satisfaction and retention, positively influencing business outcomes.
  • Identify key factors shaping identity and culture, including gender, race, age, neurodiversity, and different abilities.
  • Find strategies for establishing inclusive spaces that enhance decision-making and foster innovative solutions to complex problems.

Seema Nagrath-Menon

CALM Worldwide

Seema Nagrath Menon is an International Speaker, ATD Master Facilitator, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and Senior Learning & Development Specialist based in Dubai. As a Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP®) and a qualified COTU-BPS (Level A & B) from Cambridge University, she have been working internationally in the fields of leadership development, learning strategy and instructional design for over 20 years. Currently, she is the head of CALM Worldwide (Center for Action in Learning Management), a professional and dynamic UAE based Management & Learning Consultancy whose niche is to powerfully add value to people & organizations, focusing on highly effective leadership, management and L&D practices that enables maximum potential and growth. She has also trained as a Leadership and Emotional Intelligence specialist, at Yale University and Case Western Reserve University. Her principal area of experience and expertise has been in research, innovation, designing and managing delivery of interactive developmental learning programs, aimed at facilitating the enhancement of targeted skills in her clientele. She is also an expert in the Neuroscience of Learning.

Organizations with Diversity and Inclusion cultures are:

as likely to be high performing
more likely to be innovative and agile
more likely to achieve better business

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5 - 7 February 2024
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5 - 6 February 2024
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7 February 2024
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Kuwait Diversity and Inclusion Summit